CiG Glass Studio & Gallery

CiG Glass Studio & Gallery

The Corporate Image Group, a family-owned business based in Salado, Texas, that manufactures recognition awards for some of America's largest corporations. After two decades of experience in laser engraving, etching, computer-aided design and now Glass art media.

Flame working Demos are live, narrated demonstrations of glass working at a 5,000 degree Fahrenheit gas and oxygen-powered torch. Expert flame workers demonstrate the glass making technique of forming objects from rods and tubes of glass at a torch, and talks you through the process. Each show takes about 15 minutes. During the show, you’ll see the flame worker melt the rods and tubes in the flame and then shape the softened glass into any variety of shapes, from glass animals, beads, marbles, sculptures, to vessels. Shows take place on Saturday, throughout the day, in the Glass Studio. Peak season is September | October | November | December, Classes offered year round.

Join Benjamin Casey as he teaches how to blow German style glass ornaments, in a fun, semi-private class. Each student receives 6 glass tubes and an assortment of colorful glass frits and stringers to personalize there creations. After kiln annealing, your handmade ornaments will be ready for pick up! Classes offered year round. This is a great class to make as an annual tradition with family and friends.

*No previous experience required.
Sessions are by appointment. Schedule today.

We have full service art gallery and glass studio. Lampworking is used to create artwork, including figurines, models of animals, models of botanical subjects, trinkets, curios, christmas tree ornaments, beads, marbles, pendents, scientific instruments, gifts and much more. We also have a state-of-the-art flameworking studio with torch and annealing kiln.


26 Rock Creek Drive PO Box 523 Salado, Tx 76571
Phone: (512) 680-0759
Toll Free: (800) 368-6468
Hours:  Mon - Fri  10:00am - 6:00pm Sat  10:00am - 5:00pm
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