The Dog Spot

The Dog Spot
The Dog Spot is Salado’s first luxury dog & cat boarding facility. At
The Dog Spot we do more then just “warehouse” your pet. We
understand that your pet is a member of the family and should be
treated as such. All of our dogs receive a minimum of three exercise
and play times daily, and sometimes can be handled many more. We
tailor each of your pets needs to his or her specific personality. Does
you dog get along well with others? Does he like to run and play with
other dogs? If so, we have the option of Doggy Daycare which is
included free of charge with your pets stay, as well as while your pup
is waiting to be groomed. If not, we ensure that your dog will receive
all the personal one on one attention that he needs.


403 Thomas Arnold Salado, Tx 76571
Phone: (254) 947-3647
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