Mill Creek Community Association

Mill Creek Community Association
The Mill Creek Community Association was incorporated under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act in July 1977 with the following purpose and objectives:

To associate the residents within the Mill Creek community area for the purpose of mutual advantage and cooperation; to engage in civic endeavors which will provide benefits for the Mill Creek community through united efforts; to provide a forum for community development and improvement.


  1. Make available an organized means of communication between the management of Mill Creek and the respective property owners.
  2. Make recommendations and assist in the development and beautification of Mill Creek including homes sites, roads and parks.
  3. Assist in the enforcement of the covenants and limitations as agreed upon by property owners and contained in the deeds and contracts.
  4. Take an active interest in improving water and sewage systems.
  5. Promote and sponsor security and fire protection systems.
  6. Be alert to any changes that will affect our security and investments, such as insurance, tax, and utility rates.
  7. Sponsor and promote better health, education and ecology programs.
  8. Organize and sponsor sports, recreational and social functions.
  9. Coordinate and cooperate with the Village of Salado and adjacent communities in programs of mutual interest.


PO Box 562 Salado, Tx 76571
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